Replica Rolex Explorer Series Black Dial Watches UK

Replica Rolex Explorer Series Watches UK as its name implies, is designed for explorer of wrist watch, so do you have any ability to explorer series can watch to ensure that the precision is running under extreme environment, explorer series since its launch in 1953, have undergone a change? Today I will detailed carding for everyone, so that we better understand Rolex explorer series wrist watch.


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Rolex in 1953 launched the first explorer series wrist watch, to commemorate the first explorers mount Everest and create success. Since 1953, it had become iconic classic wrist watch.Old explorer series wrist watch,36 mm Diameter Fake Rolex Watches, 3, 6, 9 Numbers are all made of luminous display, Chromalight luminous indication, persistent luminescence, duration is about ordinary noctilucent double time. Rolex explorer series wrist watch in extreme cases can maintain accurate travel time, in the case of minus 50 degrees Celsius when still can keep accurate going. Absolutely is the first selection of explorer wrist watch.


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The Rolex watch of wrist of new explorer in 2010, the New Fake Rolex Explorer Series Watches UK made some changes on the basis of the old, the first is the diameter of the watch by 36 mm diameter increased to 39 mm in diameter, more in line with the trend of the big table size. And then cancelled 3, 6, 9 when mark luminous effect.

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