Week long UK AAA Replica Rolex Daytona sale shows demand for the iconic chronograph is still strong

A week long online auction dedicated to perfect fake Rolex’s Daytona has concluded at our website with sale prices suggesting the secondary market is stabilising for the iconic chronograph.

The Watch Collecting auction platform has sold nearly 100 luxury fake Rolex Daytonas since launching in March 2021.
Prices peaked across the secondary market around March, with Subdial reporting sale prices averaging £33,450 for the cheap replica Rolex Daytona ref. 116500LN steel with ceramic bezel.

The watch has a retail price of £12,150 after a price increase by Swiss made replica Rolex from £11,600 on September 1.
Watch Collecting’s archive of sale prices mirrors this, with the highest price paid for the same reference reported in May when an unworn 2021 super clone model with box and papers hammered for £32,500, plus 6% buyer’s premium.

Watch Collecting’s specialist week long auction of AAA fake Rolex Daytonas UK had 12 different models including a platinum piece with pale blue dial and diamond hour markers, which sold for £98,000.

A 2022 steel and ceramic Swiss movement replica Rolex Daytona 116500 Panda with a full set sold for £27,500, 15% less than the comparable watch in May.

Turns Out Owen Wilson Is A Soccer Guy & A UK Luxury Fake Watch Guy

The 53-year-old American, who’s currently enjoying somewhat of a career renaissance after being largely inactive professionally since 2017, was in attendance for the recent fiery match between perennial rivals Tottenham and Chelsea, with Wilson supporting the latter.

Wilson was seen getting rather passionate, drinks in hand and jumping for joy when Reece James scored in the 77th minute – his wild cheering also exposing a perfect replica Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’ on his wrist.

It’s a highly appropriate watch for Wilson to wear, seeing as he recently joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe pantheon thanks to his major role in TV show Loki… But it’s also just a stylish watch in general, as well as one that’s exceedingly hard to acquire thanks to its popularity.
Named after the angry green superhero, the high quality replica Rolex Hulk has a striking green dial and bezel, a unique colour combination for AAA fake Rolex Submariners. (Sometimes the black dial/green bezel Submariner also gets called the Hulk, but actually, that watch’s nickname is the ‘Kermit’. Go figure.)

The Hulk was released in 2010 and discontinued in 2020, and was originally considered a cheaper alternative to the much more desirable Kermit (which Swiss made fake Rolex also re-released in 2020). The double green initially failed to inspire Rolex fans, but in the years since the Hulk has steadily become a genuine best 1:1 replica Rolex ‘grail’ alongside other models like the GMT-Master ‘Pepsi’ and ‘Batman’ or the Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ and ‘John Player Special’.

Important UK Perfect Rolex Daytona Replica Watches For Invest

The Hand-Wound Era
The luxury fake Rolex Daytona was originally a mechanical chronograph—powered by the Valjoux cal. 72 or a variant thereof, it needed to be wound each day. This era lasted from 1963 until 1987—in 1988, Swiss copy Rolex unveiled the first automatic model.

Ref. 6239
The OG Daytona launched in 1963, with the UK luxury replica Rolex Daytona ref. 6239, which was the very first “official” Daytona model. Housed in a (roughly) 37 mm steel or gold case, it featured “Rolex Comosgraph” on the black or white dial under the 12 o’clock logo and was powered, like the ref. 6238 “pre-Daytona,” by the hand-wound Valjoux 72 movement (later customized by Swiss made fake Rolex and renamed or the Cal. 722). It also featured, like that model, unthreaded pump pushers, meaning water resistance was limited. Now here’s the kicker: The top super clone Rolex ref. 6239 in its pre-1965 styling did not feature “Daytona” on the dial at all; later versions did, either above the 6 o’clock subdial or beneath the “Rolex Cosmograph” marking at 12 o’clock. Also, note the stick hands and markers and the lack of a contrasting background against the outer minute and ⅕th-second track, as well as the bezel inscribed with a tachymeter scale (a first for copy Rolex online).

The birth of the “Paul Newman” 1:1 fake Rolex Daytona UK also coincides with that of the ref. 6239. (A “Newman” can be one of several Daytona references, as it’s indicative of a particular dial type, not a case type.) Called “exotic dials” by AAA quality replica Rolex, these special dials were made by Singer and featured red “Daytona” text (though not on the earliest iterations) and Art Deco-esque Arabic indices on the sub-registers with dot markers. (It’s said that roughly one in 20 hand-wound Daytonas featured an exotic dial.) They also featured a contrasting seconds track with red markings on the outer edge of the dial. Available in steel or gold cases, these high quality replica watches originally didn’t sell well and languished on shelves.

Paul Newman was known to have worn one of these exotic-dialed super clone watches online, which was given to him by his wife Joan Woodward. At some point in the 1980s, Italian collectors began associating the exotic dials with the famed American actor, giving rise to the term “Paul Newman dial.” Of course, when Newman’s own “Newman” came up for sale in 2017, its nearly $18M hammer price was due in no small part to the fact that this was the very watch that gave rise to an industry-wide obsession.