Replica Watches Rolex Day-Date Series For UK Sale

Last year, Replica Watches Rolex Day-Date Series UK have mixed color, add blue di tong, color is very rich. This year, rolex is the most essential series, oyster type of motion, began to play with color, a total of 5 minutes, respectively, red grapes, white grape, stainless steel, white and blue color, nature, the biggest concern is red, white grapes. Today to review is red grapes, model 116000, standard of oyster perpetual motion.


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Rolex dial is too rich, especially oyster type constant moving type, log and DD, is to let a person “crazy”, this is not some custom and special edition. Get to the point, the red grape oyster type, and no change in the design, just chose the red grape, color is simple and classic. 12 point is still the crown-shaped brand logo, a pointer is still fluorescent facet barton pointer. Grind arenaceous the sun wen disk quality of a material is special, color pure, Cheap Fake Rolex Watches the gradual change color under different Angle also have some ponder.


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Rolex watch is really appreciate all the time, the side surface processing, after polishing, very sensitive. Positive drawing burnish, resistance to wear. Relative to the professional oyster type activity, it undoubtedly has a great advantage in thickness, daily wear very appropriate. Rolex Oyster Perpetutal Series Copy Watches wrist adopt screw-plug crown, oyster perpetual motion series are based on double waterproof structure, 100 meters of waterproof. And many rolex crown shape before it, feel the same, this is no longer here.

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