Best Swiss UK Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655 Replica Watch For Sale

This is my favorite vintage Rolex, full stop. There are many vintage Rolex watches that I love, but there can only be one winner. For me, it’s the quirky Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655 replica with black dial. It was introduced in 1971. Unlike you would think, the Explorer II — also known as the Steve McQueen Rolex — was not intended as a follow-up to the cheap copy Rolex Explorer. As Robert-Jan explained in his in-depth piece about the ref. 1655, the Explorer II was developed as an expansion to the Explorer lineup aimed at speleologists or cave explorers, who could lose the sense of time during their work. It is why the watch has an additional central 24-hour hand and a 24-hour scale bezel. On top of that, the watch is also equipped with a date function in case the cave explorers would not only lose track of time but also what day it is.

The biggest attraction of the steel case copy Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655 is, without a doubt, its funky appearance. It oozes seventies quirkiness in all the right ways. The dial design is weird, and the big orange 24-hour hand hard to be missed. And for one, the cyclops feels exactly in the right place in the right style instead of being an oversized nuisance. But all the quirkiness is balanced out by the 39mm stainless steel case with the stainless steel 24-hour scale bezel. Add the familiar Oyster style bracelet, and it makes sure this is not a watch that is over the top. No, this, for me, is the right balance between everything we know and love about Rolex combined with a dial design that feels lively and just about perfect.
Impractical but beautiful
But when it comes to practicality, the dial design is far from perfect. If you look at the dial, the regular 12-hour scale is indicated by the regular hour and minute markers. Every five minutes has a fat hour marker, and the 6, 9, and 12 o’clock markers are oversized markers. So far, so good. But the problems start with the 24-hour scale that is placed around the normal 12-hour scale. The uneven hours of the 24-hour scale are placed as half-hour markers to be used in combination with the large orange hand. I think it looks amazing, but I agree with Robert-Jan and many others; it’s far from a perfect functional dial design. Inside the chunky case, you will find the automatic Rolex Caliber 1575 GMT. It is similar to the 1575 caliber but has been modified to incorporate a GMT function.

Rolex produced the cheap copy Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655 until the mid-eighties. The brand introduced its successor, the Explorer II ref. 16550 in 1985. That watch solved many impracticalities and looks like the Explorer II as we know it today. But it also lost a lot of its initial charm with the new design. There is a great deal of charm and quirky appeal that makes this first-generation Explorer II much-loved by collectors. Over the course of its production run, Rolex only changed small details of the design. A total of seven different dials was produced, and a handful of different bezels. Finding a Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655 is definitely possible, but the prices for one start at roughly €25,000 and moving up quickly for one in better condition. What you get for that kind of money, however, is the best-looking vintage Rolex there is. That’s my opinion, at least.

The UK luxury fake Rolex that changed its red and blue stripes, catch-ups on Clubhouse

Let me start by saying that I’ve had quite the week. Summer doesn’t seem to want to end, the T+T Team are working really hard on a few very exciting projects that we’ll be able to announce soon, but that wasn’t all. We were lucky enough to attend the first replica watch event in real life for the first time in almost exactly a year and it was great to catch up with several Melbourne-based collectors, as well as see some pretty special watches up close and personal.

Also, this week we took a close look at a watch that isn’t a new release, but does have a new element to it. The watch in question is the black dial fake Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126710 BLRO that was released in 2018. The element I’m referring to is the colour of the bezel, which has been a hot topic of conversation at T+T HQ. Is the bezel different at all, or is it just the lighting? If it has changed, what are the differences in colour? In our video review, Andrew recalls seeing the watch for the first time at Baselworld and wondering if there had been a mistake, or if these were the colours that Rolex had originally intended? The red seemed more like purple. And the blue, a bright violet?
In a photo we tracked down by @swisswatchonist the riddle looks to be solved. When the Swiss movement copy Rolex Ref. 126710 BLRO was first released, Rolex may have used the bezels (known as MK1) from the first ever Cerachrom Pepsi bezel from the white gold GMT Master-II Ref. 116719 BLRO, before tweaking the ceramic composite mix to create the darker, more saturated and infinitely less bright MK2 bezels that we see today. You can see the most recent steel 126710 models side by side in our video below.
Interestingly in a post on the Rolex Forums however, the MK1 bezels actually look to be a lot closer to the colours of the previous generation of Pepsi in the Ref. 16710, both in their shade and how bright they are.
Regardless of what the exact reason behind the differences in colour, the blue and red bezel copy Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126710 BLRO is a watch with a lot of history and a lot of hype behind it, so make sure you check out the review to see if it lives up to all the love that it gets.

Have a great weekend!

Swiss Movement Rolex Yacht-Master 16622 Replica Watches Online For Sale

For me, it is not so much about the price tag or brand name on the dial. I either like a replica watch or I don’t. However, I have been known to be a bit rash on occasion. Several times this year, I pulled the trigger without really thinking about it. This generally leads to more amusement than regret (as some of the Fratelli will gladly tell you). It is a shame that these poor, ticking souls enter my collection to die, but I like to think it’s really their own fault for not being very good… These watches often end up in this box that I have labeled, “the watches that never got worn”. It is not necessarily that I don’t like them. Sometimes, I just struggle to find a use for them.

Hated by many Rolex enthusiasts, but loved by yours truly! I always had a weak spot for the Rolex Yacht-Master replica with gray dial. It is a bit of an anti-Rolex by Rolex. Introduced in 1992, it took Rolex till 1999 to come up with this steel & platinum version. With a bi-directional bezel (completely useless to divers), and the rounded case shape and polished center link also made it somehow closer to the Daytona design than that of a Submariner. I am not a diver anyway, so that’s perfectly fine for me. Not everything needs to make sense anyway. Back in 2007, I had a Yacht-Master (from 2004) and, at some point, I traded it to fund an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

I always kinda missed the Yacht-Master though, especially during summertime. The dial is made of platinum and it has this nice sparkle when worn in sunlight. What I did have, was this Rolex Submariner 114060 replica that I actually never found myself wearing. This could be the stupidest move from a financial standpoint, but I decided to sell that Submariner and get that Yacht-Master back. I found a nice pre-owned Swiss made copy Rolex Yacht-Master (also from 2004) being sold by my friends from Burger in Maastricht and purchased it for approximately €8,000. It is the one without the Rolex clone rehaut and with the first platinum dial, which seems to have a coarser grain than the later (post-2007) ones. It is not something I wear often, but, when I do, I enjoy it.